The project includes Basic Engineering and Detailed Engineering comprises development of Ubeta Gas Field and tie-in to existing Ubite Treatment Center inlet manifold and associated brownfield activities. This requires Design of a WHCP & HPU For hydraulic supply and control of all actuated valves fully monitored and controlled from the Obite CCR, fully rated (240 barg) unmanned well pad, the Ubeta Production Cluster (UPC) with facilities consisting of 6 Nos production wellheads and 6 spares for future, 6 Nos flowlines (NPS 8) from wellheads to 16 production manifold. 2.5MSm3/d flowline for each well, One MPFM per producing well flowline for Well Multiphase fluid production metering and testing. A 16'production manifold which gathers the producing fluid prior export to OTC via 16' CS pipeline, and 10MSm3/d expected at peak rate. A pig launcher for the 16' CS export pipeline pigging purpose, 11Km pipeline buried at 1.2m depth. A mobile maintenance flare (for manual depressurization and maintenance activities) as well pad is fully rated to WHSIP with no EDP. A Chemical injection package (Corrosion inhibitor) to protect the 16 CS pipeline material against corrosion and also a Mobile chemical injection packages (Methanol), Injected upstream wellhead choke valve to avoid the risk of hydrate formation during a cold start-up. No power generation at UPC, Power supply to UPC Facility is from existing Switchboard located at OTC through an underground HV power cable with provision for EDG for emergency use - day tank only.

  • Client: Total Energies
  • Duration: 3 years
  • Project Type FEED & DED

Main communication link between UPC and OTC shall be via fiber optic cable with a redundant microwave Radio link backup.

UBETA System Interface with Obite TC (OTC) Facility:

  • 16" production pipeline tie-in to existing 20" inlet production manifold
  • Manual depress facilities of 16"CS pipeline is provided at OTC. EDP is also provided for Ubeta arrival system.
  • Nitrogen bottles are also provided at OTC for pig receiver purging and mobile methanol package tank blanketing.