Manpower Resources
NETCO currently has a workforce of about 412 Nigerians. About 330 of these are Engineers of various disciplines who are deployed to work on projects. Others are Management staff, Services personnel and young graduates who are being offered training opportunities. NETCO usually retains some of these young graduates to work on its upcoming projects.

Additional engineers, where necessary, are brought in on contract basis to work on specific projects as and when the in-house capability is inadequate to match the workload.

NETCO's personnel are highly educated, experienced and thoroughly dedicated to their work. Most of them have undergone extensive and intensive on-the-job training both locally and in the design offices of reputable expatriate engineering companies such as Bechtel, Technip, M.W. Kellog. Halliburton KBR, AMEC etc. This training was made possible by the wide variety of engineering jobs so far executed by NETCO.

It is the policy of NETCO to continuously develop its staff to keep them abreast of technological developments in the industry. The types of staff development programmes used are:
  • On-the-job training (OJT)
  • Short-term courses and seminars
  • Overseas rotational training
Under the OJT arrangement, members of staff are assigned to work on various projects under the supervision of more experienced personnel. OJT is the fastest way of achieving staff development. The short-term Courses, seminars and conferences are organised both externally and internally to suit specific needs of individuals. The rotational training is an arrangement where staff are assigned to work in the overseas offices of more experienced engineering companies. They are assigned to projects that will provide them with the experience related to their professional fields.