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National Engineering and Technical Company Limited (NETCO) recently organized a send-off party to appreciate Mrs. Bolanle Ashafa (former Executive Director Services) and Mrs. Jane Ashimi (former Manager, Public Affairs) who retired after years of meritorious service to the company and NNPC.


Speaking in a welcome address, NETCO Managing Director, Engr. Siky Aliyu described the event as very memorable as the two people being sent-off have done well and were retiring at the right time after rendering meritorious service to the company.

Specifically he lauded the excellent service rendered by the retired Executive Director Services, Mrs. B.A. Ashafa, when she acted as Managing Director for 15 months.


Engr. Aliyu paid glowing tributes for the marvelous manner in which she moved NETCO from Heritage Court to the world-class office building at Feyide House without hitches adding that she worked with passion not wanting to hurt anyone yet ensuring the job was well done.


The MD thanked Mrs Ashafa for the support she gave to him for the past one year since he resumed in NETCO adding that all he heard about her has been pleasant and she will be greatly missed.  He prayed that God will strengthen her to enjoy her retirement.


On the retired Manager Public Affairs, Mrs. Jane Ashimi, Engr. Aliyu described her as a very forthright, diligent, committed and forward looking person whose tenure in NETCO was very pleasant .  According to him, Mrs Ashimi’s legacy in NETCO is honesty backed up with dedication to duty.  He wished her a successful time in retirement.


On Mrs. Bolatito Aboderin, who was also appreciated at the event following her transfer to NAPIMS as Manager Internal Audit, the MD congratulated her on her transfer and encouraged her to continue to put in her best as she has always been known for stressing the need for her to continue to do what she is doing and to keep her work at heart.


Asked to speak about the retirees, NETCO Acting Executive Director Services, Dr. Godwin Udoh described Mrs. Ashafa as a delightful person to work with, an organizer and a bridge-builder who knows how to organize people and form her team.  He said she is also a good counselor who gives ready solution to every challenge adding that her experience will be surely missed.  Dr. Udoh described Mrs Ashimi as a Public Affairs Specialist who has a good spirit and said work progressed very well during her work in NETCO.


On his part, Engr. Soibi Isokariari, who represented the Executive Director Operations at the event said Engr. Yakubu sent his goodwill to all the retirees adding that he would have loved to attend the event but for his annual leave outside Lagos.  He praised Mrs Ashafa for her motherly care and inspiration and wished her happy retirement.


Mrs. Aboderin described the retired EDS as a counselor and a person worthy of emulation.  She said Mrs Ashimi is a good friend and a sister.

Mr. Abikan, Lagos Zonal Manager also said glowing things about Mrs. Ashafa and described her as a forthright, honest and a defender of the truth.

Mr. Ayokunle Ajayi, NETCO Company Secretary/Legal Adviser prayed that the good Mrs. Ashafa has done will be reaped by her children and grand-children.


Engr. Sola Ojulari expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to interact with Mrs Ashafa and described her as an epitome of wisdom and beauty.  He described Mrs. Ashimi as a very reserved person, full of hard-work and wished her a successful retirement.  He described Mrs. Aboderin as a process person who will be missed.


Mrs. Ada Oyetunde described Mrs Ashafa as a good organizer and a team leader who has very good attitude towards getting the best out of every member of her team.


In her response, Mrs Ashafa thanked God for the past 25 years of her career in NNPC adding that though she had many challenges but God saw her through.  She thanked the MD for the kind of send-off organised for her and Mrs Ashimi which is the first of its kind in the history of NETCO.  She also thanked all staff for the opportunity to work together and commended them for moving the company to the next level.


On her part, Mrs Ashimi expressed her gratitude to the Management of NETCO ably led by Engr. Aliyu for the wonderful event of the day while describing it as very un-common and a great demonstration of love.  She thanked all attendees for their thoughtfulness.  She thanked God for the opportunity to work in NNPC adding that it was a very worthwhile experience while it lasted.


Mrs. Aboderin said it was a great privilege to be around for the great event and that her joy knew no bounds when invited to the occasion.  According to her she felt appreciated to be celebrated after her transfer to NAPIMS and thanked the Managing Director and all staff for her time in NETCO.