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In its continuous support for Community Development and living up to its Corporate Social Responsibility which states that NETCO will at all times be a good Corporate Citizen and a friend to the communities in which it carries out its operations, MORPOL/NETCO; a consortium agreement between NETCO and MORPOL to supply Gas to NGC’s Ogijo Customers on Thursday, 2nd March 2017 pre-commissioned a bore-hole water project built for the Ogijo community.

 The choice of a bore-hole for the communities was decided upon by the Community Liaison Officers (CLOs) representing each of the eighteen communities affected in the Right of Way of the project, this was after due consultations with their respective Baales and Chiefs. The bore-hole will serve the community well and will also be of great benefit to the eighteen communities stated an elated Hon. Lookman Awosanya; an indigene of Ogijo and one of the Community Liaison Officers as well as the bore-hole project contractor.

The gushing sound of water from the different water pump out-lets was greeted with joy and excitement by the indigenes as both men and women ran with their water containers to fetch water from the bore-hole while giving accolades to the consortium for keeping to their promise on CSR.

Pre-commissioning of the bore-hole was done in order to ensure that the bore-hole project was built to agreed scope and providing clean water to the communities before the actual commissioning will take place. The project consortium in partnership with the CLOs monitored the project from scratch to finish; for transparency and efficiency of work. This was greatly achieved with minimal set-backs which the CLOs did not hesitate to correct in order for the bore-hole to have total completion.

The bore-hole is also solar panel powered; this was done to help elevate the burden of having to buy fuel/diesel by the communities and to also highlight NETCO’s support and contribution towards a Green climate.

The actual commissioning will be done by NGC, MORPOL/NETCO, and the communities at a soon to be agreed date.