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Bird view of the As-built LPG FSO.

Chevron Nigeria Limited (CNL) recently contracted NETCO to carry out Facility Information Management of the ESCRAVOS LPG FSO. The project includes Desktop studies, Data gathering and gap closure at site, the generation of 3D intelligent models in AVEVA PDMS and the generation of As-Built 2D deliverables.

NETCO performed site visits and gap assessment work inherent in the performance of Facilities Information gap assessment and gap closure towards achieving CNL desired objectives of:

  • Identification of process hazards and execution of appropriate risk assessment studies.
  • Generation of information required to assess the condition of equipment, structures and process conditions for various Integrity and Reliability Processes.
  • Development and/or support of the implementation of operating procedures,trainings and safe work processes.
  • Project development and execution - justification of design (equipment,structuresand processes)
  • Ability to make good business decisions for new opportunities.

NETCO commenced Project activities by sorting all information gathered into Process Safety Information (PSI), Facilities Information (FI) and others (Migrated Resource Interface - MRI).

This activity involved generation of the Master Document Register (MDR) for the facility.

Gap assessment and Gap closure activities involved identifying missing PSI and FI information document types and initiating measures to generate or retrieve and update them. This was completed within two weeks after kick-off. The final deliverable from this phase was an updated MDR (“LPG FSO MDR Sorting”), sent to CNL.

As part of information generation & verification activities SGM3D Technologies Limited (A Smart Geometrics Company limited – SGM3D) was engaged by NETCO to use its laser scanning technologies to digitized the facilities with the aim of generating a point cloud dataset and an intelligent 3D model (base model) in PDMS to support NETCO's facility information management work scope.

SGM3D's work scope included the transformation of the point cloud dataset into an intelligent base model using intelligence from documents provided. The following process flow diagram shows the interaction between SGM3D and NETCO in producing the 3D model and final 2D As-Built documents.

NETCO reviewed all CNL supplied information against the list of CNL Nigeria-Mid Africa (NMA) required Process Safety Information (PSI) and Facilities Information (FI) with the purpose of identifying missing/additional information that would be required for the FIM effort. The output from the Laser Scanning and 3D modelling activities were utilized during the Desktop Assessment. Upon Completion of the desktop studies NETCO submitted an updated MDR (“LPG FSO MDR Desktop”), with recommendations for field verification and gap closure to CNL for approval, prior to site visit.

The updated MDR showed the following:

  • Complete list of all documentation gathered thus far with corresponding version information (Revision Numbers, Native Files availability, etc.)
  •  Identification of unavailable (missing) documentation and recommendations for Gap closure
  • List of non-existent (missing) documents to be created with recommended document numbering and titles

NETCO conducted a comprehensive site visit of the LPG FSO which involved visual and dimensional surveys and data gathering.

The screen shot below showed a view of one of the machinery decks that was modeled.

 Cross section of one of the modelled machinery decks.

Following the approval of the Site Visit Report and other additional deliverables from the Field Verification Exercise; NETCO back- drafted the As-built (PSI and FI) drawings and documents with comments from site visit.

The updated As-built information was then presented for validation and approval to CNL. Final deliverables from this phase were signed off as approved documentation.

NETCO Information Management coordinator under the guidance of CNL's Information Management Team created document load sheets for all approved PSI and FI documentation so that validated LPG FSO Documentation can be loaded into CNL Documentum.

NETCO personnel worked safely and conducted themselves in accordance with all safety requirements throughout the project duration.