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With a Promise to Continuously Deliver World Class Engineering Deliverables to Clients, NETCO has formally relocated to a more spacious state of the art new office located at Feyide House, 23, Engineering Close, Victoria's Island Lagos. The property which is NNPC Pension Fund Limited owned was recently handed over to NETCO at a ceremony on Wednesday March 23, 2016. NETCO will in this new position henceforth be acting in a dual capacity as "chief tenant" and property manager.



Welcoming guests at the handing over ceremony, the Ag. Project Manager, Engr. Joseph Eze thanked all the stakeholders for their presence and contributions to the successful completion of the project which took about twenty months to deliver. He gave a rundown of how the programme of activities for the commissioning will look like and afterwards called on the Safety Manager for Arbico Plc, Mr. Frank Akpan the main Building Contractor to give the safety moment. The Safety Manager said taking cognizance of the fact that the ceremony was taking place outside, there was no planned emergency fire drill for the day. He pointed to the fire extinguishers that have been positioned strategically at various points outside the building in case of an emergency and also informed that there were conveniences for both male and female on the ground floor of the building. He rounded his speech by saying that should in case there be an emergency, the Arbico Plc team will take over and direct the emergency procedures.


Thereafter, there was introduction of all stakeholders present at the ceremony for recognition purposes and to also enable everyone to address each other in a formal setting.


First to speak on the project commissioning was the Project Leader, Architect Jubril Inuwa. He gave a brief rundown of the parlous state the building was prior to its redevelopment. He recalled the state in which the building was when the project team came for the condition survey and the massive transformation that has taken place in the building. According to him, the rehabilitation was quite challenging but was pleased that the project had been successfully completed and delivered. He expressed his appreciation to all those who participated on the project and was happy to inform everyone that the building was safe for normal business activity to commence. He further stated that there may be some teething problems associated with refit works of this nature but reassured all that there was nothing serious to worry about as issues arising from these could be easily sorted out over time.

Speaking at the handing over ceremony, the MD NNPC Pension Fund Limited Mr. D. S. Na’adiyalle ably represented by Saint Wali Mustapha welcomed everyone present to the occasion. He conveyed his MD’s sincere inability to be physically present due to exigencies of duty.


The MD Pension Fund Limited said he was delighted to be a part of the commissioning. He recalled the support received from NETCO Management in the execution of the refit works as regards cost control and effective application of scarce resources. He informed everyone present that NNPC Pension Fund is being efficiently and judiciously managed as no amount was committed to any project without scrutiny and approval from the supervising authority, PENCOM. He stated that NETCO as a good tenant had paid two years rent in advance. NETCO was also the project manager for the completion of the redevelopment of the property and will also serve as the facilities manager. According to him, NETCO as a first class engineering company will bring to bear their technical expertise on the maintenance of the property. Mr. Na’adiyalle further stated that he hoped the snag list, equipment testing and power supply to sensitive equipment in the building had been done as NNPC Pension Fund Limited would rely on NETCO’s feedback before payment of retention fee, bank guarantees and sundry payments to the Contractors are made going forward.

He concluded by thanking all those who participated in the rehabilitation of the building and assured everyone that the quality of facilities in the building were of high standard and hoped that NETCO will be able to maintain them.  

Thereafter, there was an inspection of the building starting from the outside of the premises to selected floors in the building. Equipment and facilities were tested and found to be in functional state before the keys to the building were formally handed over to NETCO Management representative, Mrs. Ada Oyetunde, Manager Human Resources. She thanked the NNPC Pension Management for facilitating the early process of handing over the keys to the building and promised that NETCO will do everything within its power to ensure that the building was well maintained.  She said with the acquisition of more office space, NETCO will continue to deliver world class engineering deliverables to its Clients and Stakeholders.


After the tour of the building, observations were raised concerning the state of some of the utilities in the building which the team of consultants answered to the satisfaction of the Stakeholders.                                                                                                  

Feyide House is an NNPC Pension Fund Limited 100% owned property which was built about thirty years ago. It served as one of the assets of the NNPC Pension fund. The building was acquired to fund the pension of retired staff of the Corporation. It is an eight story building covering a total of over six thousand plus square metres. It is fitted with modern state of the art facilities and equipment and it boasts of a well -structured security system that guarantees the lives and property of the inhabitants.