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NETCO Engineers on site visit for data gathering  at the PPMC Apapa jetty

New Business Development Division Abuja, awarded NETCO work scope and cost estimate for Apapa BOP upgrade project on the 26th of June, 2013. The project kick-off meeting was held on the 28th of August, 2013 and personnel were officially mobilized to commence work on the 2nd of September, 2013.

The Bulk Oil Ports (BOP) Jetty at Apapa, Lagos is one of the three Jetties being operated and managed by PPMC on behalf of the Corporation.

 The BOP Jetty was built to handle only light vessels of less than 18,000DWT because of its shallow drafts (approximately 7 metres), thus leading to delays in products discharge. This therefore gave rise for the need to carry out dredging and construction works to upgrade the facility to handle vessels of up to 30,000DWT to effectively and safely unload petroleum products at the three Jetties (PWA, NOJ and BOP), taking into consideration Approach Channel, Berthing and Turning Area.

The scope of works awarded to NETCO in order to achieve this objective includes:

·           Integrity Checks on BOP Jetty structures and its sub-structures

·           Condition survey of Jetty Head, Trestle, Dolphins, Fenders, Bollards, Pipes, Rack/Structures and Concrete Sheet Piles

·           Checks on Loading/Unloading facilities including loading Arms, Pipelines, Fire Monitor, Fire hydrants, Fire Pumps, Foam Generator and related Mechanical, Electrical and Safety Facilities

·           Echo Sounding and estimation of Volume/Quantity of Initial Dredging required across PWA, NOJ & BOP specifying frequency of sweeping of the channels to required minimum draft at low tide

·           Preparation of Detailed Scope of Works, Project Time Line and provide corresponding cost estimate for the works.

 NETCO in conjunction with Nielson Nigeria Ltd carried out a Site Visit to the Apapa Jetty BOP Facilities. Visual inspection was carried out by the project team members to determine the extent of damage to the facilities.

Deliverables were generated from data obtained during Site Visit, which formed the basis for the MTOs used to generate the cost estimate.

Based on the work executed by NETCO, the following scope of works for the rehabilitation of the BOP Apapa Jetty has been identified. They include the following:

·           Replacement of existing concrete and steel pipe supports, Beams, Curtains and Jetty Slab and Walkway

·           Removal of clusters of Barnacles

·           Replacement of Borehole water supply pump, 350 KVA diesel generators

·           Supply and install hydraulically operated Marine unloading Arms, oil-water separator

·           Perform inspection and testing of the fire protection system, firewater pumps, foam generator, sprinklers, and other components

·           Perform Sizing Calculation for each Pressure Safety Valves

·           Procurement and installation of pressure relief valves, pressure reducing valves, pressure indicators, temperature indicators, light indicators

·           Supply and installation of Lighting, Power, Equipment/Facilities, Cable, Earthing and Lightning Protection

·           Replacement of flanges, valves, bolts, nuts and studs, tees, gaskets, elbows and spectacle blinds.

·           Design a cathodic protection system to mitigate against corrosion of steel piles, all metallic structures buried  and submerged in water

·           Develop a painting specification and install painting/coating system on all steel structures



A NETCO Engineer at the PPMC Apapa jetty for data gathering


Integrity tests carried out by Nielson Nig Ltd., a subcontractor to NETCO include Ultrasonic tests on pipes and Line pipes on the Jetty and adjacent facilities to determine wall thickness, Rebound Hammer tests on the top side and underside of Jetty structure, and ultrasonic velocity test on Jetty concrete structure.

A Bathymetric Survey of the seabed in the approach and berthing zone of this jetty was also carried out by Nielson Nig Ltd. This survey ascertained the present depth to seabed and established the amount of dredging required to achieve the required water depth.

It was determined that a water depth of 12.5m is required and by calculations, a total volume of 1,278,314.45m3 of sand is to be dredged from the area.

A comprehensive cost estimate was done based on the MTOs, provision of consultancy services which covers Project Management, detailed Engineering, construction supervision, pre-commissioning & commissioning, as well as dredging costs .

Finally, NETCO made a presentation with its submission to the NNPC, New Business Development, ETD and other stakeholders in Abuja for consideration.