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NETCO performed an independent survey review of Kaduna Refining and Petrochemical Company (KRPC) in respect of its operations and current status to get a snap shot view in order to further explore areas for improvement.

 Unlike the other site surveys at Warri (WRPC) and Port-Harcourt (PHRC), TONL was unable to participate at Kaduna site survey done in April/May, 2013.

 Terms of reference for phase 1 on the site survey, refurbishing study and equipment upgrade are as follows:

·         To restore integrity of equipment to their “as is” situations.

·         Data collection through site survey.

·         Prepare and issue Site survey Report and Refurbishing Study Report.

·         Establish Design Basis

·         Definition of SoW based on the conclusions of Refurbishing Study.

·         Equipment Upgrade based on “as is” refinery configuration.

·         Early Procurement Works Proposal in the frame of refurbishing works.

·         Cost Estimate  Order of magnitude

·         Preparation of ITB for subsequent Front End Engineering Design (FEED)

·         Proposal for Assistance Services to Maintenance.

 Over 60% of phase 1 scope has been executed.

The three refineries have been surveyed to date and draft reports issued to the refineries pending finalisation of the reports. NETCO/TONL consortium has commenced Linear Programming model of the plants using commercial software in order to produce and analyse several scenarios, which is part of phase 2 of the project and it is being executed in parallel with phase 1.

 Procedure for the basis of design for Linear Programming Model:

The procedure outlines the basis of design for the Linear Programming model and provides key data to be fed into the software.

A number of scenarios will then be studied and further cases will be added as the project develops. These are to be agreed with NNPC. The initial cases to be studied and modelled are as follows:

Case 1: Base case (Original Design, Original Crude Assay).This model is essential for validation of the LP model for all cases. Crucial to this model's validity is the accuracy of data supplied. The model will be produced with the most reliable data supplied by NNPC; where data is missing, base data will be used until further information becomes available. Once the model is validated, it will act as the template model to develop into other cases.

The “Original Crude Assay” refers to the crude assay and test run data used for the debottlenecking.

  Case 2:  Original Design, Latest Crude Assay.

This will check the sensitivity of the refinery to crude variation over time.

 Case 3: Original Design, Latest Crude, Latest Historical Data from NNPC.

This will be developed to incorporate all relevant data supplied by NNPC on the recent operation of the refinery.

 The project is on-going on the fast track and the aim is that on completion, the refineries should run to optimum capacities.