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Chevron Nigeria Limited (CNL) has awarded As-Built documentation of its facilities to NETCO.

CNL wishes to carry out gap assessment and gap closure of its existing and new facilities so as to implement a Facilities Information Management (FIM) process, in compliance with Chevron Upstream and Gas standards (CUG). The main objective is to ensure a centralized information management system is in place for developing and maintaining facilities information within CNL business unit. The project is being executed in NETCO's office and is envisaged to last for about twelve months commencing on the 20th of November 2012.

The project will ensure that all CNL facilities information are retrievable, accurate and support the following:

o   Identification of process hazards and execution of appropriate risk assessment studies

o   Generation of information required to assess the condition of equipment, structures and processes for the Integrity/Reliability Process

o   Development and/or support of operating procedures, training and safe work processes

o   Project development and execution  justification of design (equipment, structures and processes)

o   Ability to make good business decisions for  new opportunities

Facilities information will be gathered from different sources within CNL, updated and created if not available.

The project Technical Kick-Off meeting took place in NETCO's office on 20th of November 2012 in order to align with NETCO's Project Team on the expectations of the client, finalise Master Deliverables Register (MDR), review and freeze scope of work.

In order to achieve the Project objectives, a field assessment (site survey) will be carried out to gather facilities information from different sources within CNL, to update and create information where they are not available. The purpose of the field assessment (site survey) also includes data gathering as well as the verification of facility as built status.

Approved recommendations from the survey findings are intended to be incorporated into the As-Built documentations as appropriate within the scope of works. Any findings outside the As-Built scope would be documented for CNL future considerations.

At peak, the manpower for one team is planned for Twenty three (23) Nigerian personnel, mostly engineers while 97,838 manhours are expected to be expended in the execution of the project. The Nigeria Content during the performance of the work is 100%. The execution of the project is in line with Nigerian government policy of 100% domiciliation of all the engineering activities in Nigeria.

The existing Engineering Services Agreement (ESA) contract is due to expire in September 2013 hence the need to complete outstanding facilities by September 2013 as against original planned date of November 2013.

NETCO is required to mobilize an additional site information gathering team to execute the remaining eleven (11) facilities to ensure the September 2013 end date is achievable. NETCO shall set up two (2) independent site investigation teams to facilitate this new set target.

Meanwhile, CNL will explore the possibilities to extend the contract beyond September 2013 in order to accommodate the period required to complete this project.

CNL shall also furnish NETCO with the sequence of execution of the facilities and provide 3D PDMS screen dump models in order to give NETCO an overview of the facilities they will be visiting.

NETCO shall advance its site and Gap assessment report while on site, to enable operation review with the team before returning to Lagos office for As-Built documentation.