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NETCO Successfully carried out Quality Management System internal audit of all her processes to ascertain the conformance and compliance with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 international standard. Although NETCO maintains an Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System but 2013 audit plan was process specific for the purpose of ensuring a more detailed and an all encompassing approach.

As a requirement of the standard, this round of audit for 2013 was aimed at determining the effective implementation of her Quality Management System (QMS) and its Conformance to the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 standard. The frequency for this year's audit was set at once (one round) to give room for Environmental Management systems (EMS) Audit later in the year.

All departments are planned to be audited once, the level of scrutiny for this audit was based on the status and importance of the processes being audited. During the audit, Twenty-one (21) processes (Top Management, Departments and Disciplines) were audited by a team of Five (5) trained and certificated QMS Auditors.


Generally, the audit revealed an understanding and conformance to the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 Standard and NETCO Quality Management System (QMS) processes and requirement on the part of personnel audited. The cooperation of the auditees was welcoming from Top Management, Heads of Departments and Lead Disciplines Engineers audited.

Audit information were gathered through interviews, observation and citing objective evidence. There were evidences that the QMS policy is communicated and understood among personnel. Evidence of availability process plan; updated procedures; required record by the standard; identification of job functions; training of personnel; maintenance of quality objective; identification of continuos improvement; conducive work environment were verified and can be relied upon.

Commitment of Top Management was verified through evidences of provision of resources, establishment of appropriate communication process, review of Quality policy for continual suitability, availability of suitable work environment and management review meetings held at planned intervals.

However, some issues were raised (Corrective Action Request…CARs) during the Audit which the Auditors considered as non conformities to some requirements of the International Standards (Quality Management System) and against some provisions within NETCO Operational Procedures. Since they are all isolated violations of requirements, they were graded as minors and an action tracking and close out plan has been put in place for effective close out of all issues within a defined time frame.