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NETCO Signs Collaboration Agreement
NETCO Signs Collaboration Agreement With AMEC on Mobil Integrity Project

Mobil Producing Nigeria Major Integrity Projects (MPN MIPs) is a split award i.e. EPCM1 and EPCM2 Contracts. A consortium of three companies namely AMEC, NETCO and JAGAL are involved in the execution of MIPs EPCM2 Contract.

MPN MIPs are a portfolio of facility upgrade and expansion of offshore and onshore oil and gas production facilities in south-east Nigeria. This is to ensure the integrity of oil production, and to increase reliability of 30-years plus old production platforms and supporting infrastructure located offshore Qua Iboe Terminal (QIT) within MPN's various facility complexes.

Under this Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM) contract, the consortium will provide Engineering services (Pre-FEED, FEED, and Detailed Design), project management, and project services.

The Project Portfolio currently includes:
  • Berthing Operations Platform Major Upgrade (BOPMU) Project
  • EAP 4th Compression Installation on GN Platform (ECIP) Project
  • QIT Power Distribution Upgrade Project
  • Edop Risk Reduction Project Ekpe - Yoho Pipeline Installation
  • Usari Dehydration Project
Project release is dependent on specific Letter of Authorization (‘LoA') from MPN, which will fully define detailed scope of work. However, on-going early engineering work includes:
  • EAP GN 4th LP compressor Installation project - this involves the installation of a gas compression package on Mobil's offshore platform "GN" offshore Nigeria.
  • Berthing Operations Platform Major Upgrade (BOPMU) project - this involves the refurbishment of BOP and the complete removal of hydrocarbons
The engineering scopes of services which earlier commenced at the AMEC's NUJ Building have relocated to NETCO's Office, Victoria Island Lagos, further to the signing of the Collaboration Agreement between NETCO and AMEC on June 12, 2008. An integrated Design Team provided from NETCO and AMEC is currently executing the MIPs EPCM2 Contract engineering services. AMEC as Lead Contractor provides the management services, while JAGAL provides the logistics services for AMEC.

In line with the Nigerian Content Development Directive, MPN MIPs EPCM2 has in place a structured training programme for young Nigerian engineers towards improved and new levels of skills, development of knowledge, capability, competence, increased experience, and above all improved attitudes.

MIPs EPCM2 is a ‘term Contract' with a duration of at least five (5) year period, and manhour projection of about 750,000 for the engineering services.