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The planned annual surveillance for NETCO integrated management system was recently held in NETCO by officials of Bureau Veritas Quality International (BVQI). The standards audited against are the ISOs 9001: 2000, and 14001:2004.

The audit team consisted of Blessing S. Akpan and Tonye W. Pepple as the lead auditor. The audit began with an opening meeting attended by NETCO Top Management which included the Managing Director, Executive Directors and all the process leaders of the company.

During the opening meeting, the BVQI auditors were introduced to NETCO Management. The opening meetig agenda includes reason of audit, audit scope and criteria, Audit plan, Confidentiality, method of reporting, grading of NCRs (Non Conformity Requests), disclaimer, confirmation of guides and logistics and Any other Business (AOB).

The areas audited comprised of Top Management, HSE/Quality/Environmental Management, Document Control/Library, Admin/Personnel, Legal Department, Executive Director Services, Executive Director Operations, Information Technology Business Developmet, Project, Project Controls, Procurement, Engineering/CADD, Public Affairs, Learning and Development.

The audit plan was adjusted on site to reflect current existing processes, and also accommodate process leaders that will not be available on the first day or second day of audit.

According to the Audit report, "The auditor experienced good corporation from all staff interacted with during audit.

Generally, the organisation's intergrated management system which is comprised of quality and Environmental management system is well documented; the quality management system iswell implemented within the organisation and reflects the operating practices currently in use".

NETCO has established corporate quality/environmental objectives and targets, and these are in line with the scope of business. Internal audit are planned and conducted accordingly. The result of the audits indicate that Bureau Veritas Certification can rely on the audit process to demonstrate that the system reflects the requirements of the organisation's quality management system and the requirements of ISO 9001:2000 and 14001:2004.

During the Audit some observation and issues were raised. These have however been addressed accordingly.