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National Engineering and Technical Company Limited recently increased its Internet Bandwidth from 3Mbps to 6Mbps (Downlink / Uplink). This phenomenal increase has put to rest the persistent uncomfortable browsing experiences of our staff and clients. This new infrastructure is on SAT-3/WASC or South Atlantic 3/West Africa Submarine Cable. SAT-3/WASC provides the only optical fiber link between West Africa and the rest of the world. NETCO as an international company conducts its businesses with other International and world class companies in the Oil and gas services and would only remain relevant in the scheme of things if and only if the IT infrastructure and its Internet presence are not in doubt. Remaining relevant is a promise that has been made and kept alive by all successive managements of this company and is now reflected in this new bandwidth increase. With this bandwidth increase and the associated high speed Web access, doing business in NETCO has now become a new experience.

There are three primary reasons NETCO undertook this bandwidth increase, namely: To;

1. Satisfy various project requirements on file / document interchange. Large files or drawing are now transferred between different operating centers (NETCO and its various clients locations) in much less time than before using FTP (file transfer protocol).

2. Oblige its numerous customers / clients the opportunity of connecting to their remote sites / locations and offices through a VPN and consequently ensure that they have satisfactory access speed to their various remote resources including e-mails 'real time'.

3. Remain largely reachable at all times without traffic limitation.

This new project demonstrates the commitment of the management of NETCO at ensuring that clients are satisfied for as long as they are in NETCO. Since this increase, browsing experience has really shifted to the next level. The latency has improved significantly from 600 milliseconds (ms) to an average of between 116 ms and 200ms. This new implementation is supported with an invisible redundant link known only by NETCO and its Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Most importantly, the quality and utilization of this service are regularly monitored. This way NETCO is in a position to establish its usage pattern and possible growth rate. The other good aspect of the bandwidth u p g r a d e w a s i t s s e a m l e s s implementation. There was minimal downtime of less than fifteen minutes. It was largely implemented using an existing infrastructure, thus reducing the overall cost of ownership to mainly an annual subscription. There is a flexible payment plan which guarantees that NETCO cash flow is not impacted adversely.